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With rapidly emerging regulations, all organizations, regardless of size, are expected to comply and apply needed protections. This responsibility lies with the IT Security leader in every organization.

However, filling the role of a CISO can be challenging. At times, it may be cost-prohibitive and many organizations have chosen to forego hiring even though they have a legitimate need for one.

Other organizations have the need for a CISO only for a short-term and within a set budget. This need can be to supplement an existing CISO for a specific project or skill, or to provide a CISO role to help setup governance, define operational processes, or for forensics.

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The vCISO (Virtual CISO) is fast becoming an effective role that fills the CISO need without the constraints and prohibitive costs of a traditional hire. It can scale to an organization’s needs and provide an effective solution that fits well to the budget.

Our vCISO professionals have extensive industry experience and provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Infosec Governance, to help review and assess security controls, and establish an accountability framework to align info security strategies with business objectives
  • Infosec Management, to help identify and implement info security strategies that provide day-to-day operational management of critical organizational data and resources
  • Forensics, to help with the analysis and investigation of cyber incidents, such as a breach


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